YPD Decorated HELIOACOUTEX as Window Shades in the Museum.

The Graz museum is a place of cultural interaction. Guided tours and workshops encourage visitors to explore and experience the many aspects of the city’s past, present and future. TÜCHLER’s contribution to this cultural experience is window shades with prints depicting the history of the city.

TÜCHLER produced and assembled a total of 16 picture frames with printed HELIOACOUTEX membranes. This material exhibits fantastic properties. It is a UV-stabile, 100% PES fabric with a double-sided coating that filters 96% of the UV light. Furthermore, it is also flame retardant in accordance with EN 13773 Class 1, ÖNORM B1/Q1/TR1 with a weight of just 150 g/m².

The membranes were provided with colour prints and designed as window shades.

Scope of Service:



•16x custom constructions as window shades