A stage to be proud of

The city of Hattersheim has dared to do something. For the city stage, a curtain was made from the Lehar CS stage velvet in a radiant Ferrari red.
However, this was not the only product we were allowed to make for the city.
A stage lives not only from its main curtain, but also from stage scarves. These serve to aesthetically preserve the secrets behind the stage.

That is why the Stadtbühne is equipped with a stage scarf made of Mahler CS stage velvet.
The soffits were made of stage molton CS.

In order for the curtains to be able to drive at all, rails were still needed. So we helped out with 23 arches in different radii as well as straight rails.
After a total effort of 3 days, the city stage was already playable and ready for use.

Delivery & Assembly