Molleton is twill fabric napped on both sides usually from 100% cotton that can be made flame retardant. The specific properties of this material make it very well suited to absorb light and sound. This makes molleton perfect for use in a variety of event situations and it can be found for example on all types of stages, at cinemas, in concert halls, theatres and much more. There molleton is most commonly used as flame retardant stage molleton in black with a weight of 300 g/m² and a width of 300 cm. The colours most often used for molleton are black, white and grey in that order. This is true for both stage molleton as well as decorative molleton or bolleton.

Satin molleton and bolleton are two special types of molleton that are napped on both sides with satin molleton being the higher quality, firmer and more elegant product.

In the TUCHLER® sewing factory we use stage molleton to manufacture ready-made curtains and a large selection is always kept in stock. We can manufacture custom sizes in any physically possible size within a few hours. Take advantage of our more than 45 years of experience in theatre, event and exhibition production!

MOLLETON definition:

  • Continental Europe: Stage molleton is typically a fabric napped on both sides with a basis weight of ~ 300 g/m²
  • Continental Europe: Decorative molleton is typically a linen weave fabric napped on both sides with a basis weight of 130-190 g/m²
  • England: Bolleton is typically a fabric that is napped on one side 
  • US: Molleton is known as duvetyn, commando cloth.


  • Matte surface
  • Good crease recovery
  • Non-transparent
  • Relatively light impervious (depending on the basis weight)
  • The napped surface lends the fabric sound and echo absorbing properties


  • Wherever an affordable, rugged fabric is needed with a matte finish that is not reflective or glossy.
  • Perfect for "small budgets" as an alternative to more expensive velours.
  • The good acoustic and sound-absorbing properties round out the possible uses for this molleton.
  • Affordable backdrops, black-out curtains etc.
  • Limited suitability for high quality demands regarding durability, colour fastness, light fastness, etc.

Fibres used:

  • Mostly cotton
  • and Trevira CS®