QDS SUNBLOCK SOFT WP Ready-made Curtain

QDS SUNBLOCK SOFT WP Ready-made Curtain

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SUNBLOCK SOFT WP 260g/m² ready-made with the following features:

  • Top edge: 10 cm reinforced edge with loops.
    Start loop & end loop approx. 5 cm from edge.
    Left/Right Velcro/Velcro strips 
    Velcro/Velcro strip in the middle of the material
  • Side edges: Hem approx. 2 cm
  • Bottom edge: 10 cm pocket

As low as €110.82 €92.35
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Technische Details:
  • durable flame-retardant; EN 13773-C1;EN13501 B-s1, d0
  • 100% polyester; inherently flame-retardant
  • height 425cm
  • width 295cm
Warnings and Application notes

Please note that Sunblock Soft WP has a slightly elastic behaviour and as a result curtains longer than approx. 4 m may display variations in length (stretching) caused by the curtains own weight. Therefore, the curtains must be cut to length while hanging.
Curtains that are especially long may stretch further over time making it necessary to cut them to length again.
The significantly increased stretching behaviour in the fill direction (=transverse direction) means the fabric is not suitable for hanging sideways.
Due to the good crease recovery, ironing is usually not necessary. If the material is nevertheless ironed, then it should be ironed equally over its entire area. Ironing only sections of the fabric may lead to distortions in the fabric and does not represent a reduction in value.

instructions and warnings for Trevira CS and Polyester FR fibres!

•Trevira CS and Polyester FR fibre-based material can be washed according to the care label, without loss of fire retardant characteristics.

•The use of fibre-affine care products such as fabric conditioners (Silan) can cause the loss of the material’s flame retardant characteristics!

•Soiling or applying foreign substances (e.g. painting/printing) to the fabric can cause the loss of the material’s flame retardant characteristics!

•Therefore, please make sure you ask an expert to regularly check the cloth’s flame retardant characteristics.

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