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Stage molleton 300 g/m² ready-made with the following features:

  • Top edge: 10 cm reinforced edge with loops
  • Side edges: Hem approx. 2 cm
  • Bottom edge: 10 cm pocket

The sewing shop is TÜCHLERs most traditional department. It was established long before any of the other departments and still represents an important part of our company to this day.

The sewing departments scope ranges from simple cloth with eyelets around the edges and window curtains, over star curtains with fibre optics, gathered curtains with ruching (smooth or cloud-like) and patchwork curtains, to special designs such as circles, polygons and decorative curtains with applications, dividing curatins, theatres main curtains, wagner curtains, backdrops and cycloramas to embroidered house curatains.

Make use of more that 45 years of experience in thatre, performance- and show-curtain sewing!


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As low as €93.54 €77.95
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant; EN13773-C1;DIN4102 B1;ÖNORM B1,Q1,TR1
  • 100% cotton
  • height 300cm
  • width 146cm
Warnings and Application notes
Stage molton is a very economical mass product, which is finished with larger tolerances, such as velvets for example. 
Colour deviations, such as variations in optical density between individual pieces are due to production factors and do not constitute a reduction in quality. 
The use of stage molton is not recommended in the case of quality requirements with regards to longevity, light fastness and similar. 

usage instructions and warnings for flame resistant cotton fabrics!

Unless expressly noted otherwise, cotton fabrics marked flame retardant (hardly flammable) are treated with a semi-permanent flame retardant. This means that as long as the material is not soaked or washed, the flame retardant characteristics will persist. Therefore, soaking or washing will cause the loss of fire retardant characteristics. Flame retardant characteristics can be maintained through professional dry cleaning without stain removing agents and a low proportion of water. It is mandatory to carry out tests after dry cleaning.

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