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Pepper’s ghost ist ein nach John Henry Pepper benannter im 19. Jahrhundert entwickelter Illusionstrick mit Spigelungen auf glasklarem Material.
Dabei wurde damals mittels eines Flachglases und spezieller Beleuchtung vor und hinter der Scheibe der Eindruck erzeugt, teilweise durchsichtige Objekte würden erscheinen und verschwinden. Der Trick wird besonders im Theater und bei Gruselattraktionen benutzt.
Heute ist  TÜCHLER´s PEPPERS GHOST  Folie das ideale Material, da es leicht ist, keine Verletzungsgefahr besteht und im Vergleich zu Glas deutlich schneller auf- und wieder abbaubar ist.

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Technische Details:
  • conventionally flammable
  • 100% polyethylene
  • width 400 cm
Warnings and Application notes

Beachten Sie, dass PEPPER GHOST Folie sehr leicht knittert. Knitter können den PEPPERßs Ghost Effect negativ beeinflussen, da die Knitter sichtbar sein können.
TÜCHLER rollt daher PEPPER GHOST Folie in voller Breite auf starre Kerne und liefert diese ausschließlich in robusten Holzkisten.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass PEPPER GHOST Folie nicht schwer brennbar ist.


terms and conditions for welded projection screens!

  1. Welds
    Projection surfaces in which both edge lengths are produced larger than the web width of the selected projection films are welded from individual webs of the projection films. This welding is carried out using high-frequency technology. The resulting seams are very fine and invisible or non-disturbing for most applications as described in point 3. The noticeableness of the welds depends essentially on the film type, projection type or direction and does not represent a reduction in value.

  2. Creases due to folding in storage:

    Generally projection foils are - if not offered separately - packaged folded up and sent off. In general, these creases disappear after opening and stretching the projection foils on all sides. If it is at all technically possible, projection foils can be sent rolled up too – for an additional fee for packaging and transport. This increases the likelihood of the foils being crease-free, or that the creases will disappear during the recovery process. The recovery process depends on room temperature, assembly stress and time. In the case of remaining visible creases, this does not constitute a reduction in projection foil quality.

  3. Intended use for projection foils

    Depending on the type of product used, projection foils are optimised for use in incident or back light projection for customary light incidence angles for video, slide or film projection. A smooth flat surface can only be achieved by stretching the projection foil on all sides with equal tension. The development of ripples and warping does not constitute a reduction in projection foil quality if the projection foil is not tensioned evenly on one or more sides. Use with strip or side lighting: even tension on all sides is mandatory. Visible remaining creases, seams and warping due to tension or assembly do not constitute a reduction in projection foil quality.

  4. Evaluating colour deviations and variations in brightness

    Projection foils are manufactured in large-scale PVC industry plants and are subject to strict quality controls. However, there are variations within this industry too. These are very slight and are not noticeable in normal light conditions. These deviations are only visible in certain application conditions. Please note that colour deviations only become visible when the viewing angle corresponding to half-light density is surpassed; this is dependent on technical factors and does not constitute a reduction in quality.

  5. Usage for rolling projection screens:

    Tüchler ® can provide all projection foils as rolling projection screens with a Superflat (tab-tension) finish. Mounting of projection foils on rolling projection screens by third parties is at your own risk. In this respect. Particularly if non-tensionable (standard welded) screens are used wtih (electric-)rollers waves, pleates or even damages are to expect.  Tüchler® remains free from all liability and/or damage compensation claims.

  6. Dimension stability and tolerances:

    Projection foils are made of thermoplastic material. Therefore, the material’s stretching properties, softness and measurements vary according to changes in room temperature. Thus, cut products are subject to a tolerance of +- 2% at 22°C room temperature.

  7. Use in winter and cold regions:

    It must be noted that projection foils can cool off significantly during transport. In such cases, open the outer packaging, then wait at least 24 hours at a room temperature of > 21°C before opening the projection foils. At cold temperatures, the projection foil gets stiff, tears easily on moderately sharp edges and may cause irreversible impressions and stress whitening.

  8. Projection foil shelf life

    With correct usage and storage at room temperature, you will be able to use your projection foil for many years. Projection foils contain softening agents which are exuded over time. Therefore after a few years, colour change, yellowing, brittleness, oily patches on the surface can occur, and it may tear more easily. These appearances are not defects covered by warranty; these are customary, material-related effects due to aging.

  9. Exclusion of DIN and other photography or cinematography standards.

    The projection foil has been optimised for use in theatres, opera, events, trade fairs, tours and similar and therefore different types are distinguished by colour, projection behaviour, sturdiness and flammability. The foil was not developed for use in cinemas or similar. Therefore, all evaluations based on norms for projection surfaces, in particular DIN, and claims based thereupon are excluded, unless this was expressly agreed upon in writing.

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