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  • Self-laying carpet tile that is easy to install and remove for frequent mobile or permanent use. Extremely durable needled felt surface and compact, non-slip backing.
  • For mobile use in arenas, multi-purpose halls, gymnasiums and ballrooms, event rooms and exhibitions.

  • Mobile, loose installation, can also be fixed at the edges with tape.
  • Dry cleaning like vacuuming and brushing or wet cleaning like spray extraction and shampooing.
  • Dimensions 2x1m or 1x1m, custom sizes also available

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As low as €31.44 €26.20 Regular Price €50.34
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant;EN 13501-1, Bfl-s1
  • 100% polypropylene
  • size 100x100cm
  • 3400 g/m²
  • size 100x100cm
  • ticknesse 8,0mm
Warnings and Application notes

usage instructions and warnings for protective covering PALLAS!

•Protective carpet tile Pallas was specially developed to be quick and easy to lay and take up and is ideal for both temporary and permanent installations.

•The carpet tile Pallas is a protective flooring for hall floors. It protects the hall floor from dirt and moisture (e.g. cigarette ash or spilled drinks during an event in the hall), and absorbs liquids. The carpet tiles will be subject to irreversible wear and tear but will thus prolong the life of your hall floor. Please observe the load capacity of your floor and do not place heavy objects (e.g. ladders or working platforms) directly and permanently on the carpet tiles. In order to prevent the carpet tiles from warping or lifting at the edges, avoid rolling across them with transport means.

•The color may vary between different production batches.

•The carpet tiles must be stored in the room where they are to be installed for at least 24 hours. If the Pallas carpet tiles are too cold when they are laid, they could be stiff and retain a so-called “residual tension”, which means that the self-laying property of the carpet tiles is limited and may even be subject to shrinkage afterwards.

•Please be sure the room temperature is approx. 18-25 °C with a relative humidity of approx. 50-70% when laying the carpet tiles. Strong temperature variations should be avoided. Suitable floors should be dry, clean, flat and free of cracks, dust, PVC, and wax.

•An arrow is printed on the latex bottom side of the carpet tile. The carpet tiles should be installed with all the arrows pointing in the same direction. If several pallets of carpet tiles are to be laid, they should be laid successively. Failure to do so may lead to the impression of apparent color differences when light falls on the carpet tiles.

•Our carpet tiles are characterized by very good self-laying properties and low slip behavior. To ensure the carpet tiles fit perfectly and do not move, the edge regions should be fixed in place with suitable fixing means such as gaffer tape. Double sided tape will damage the latex backing of the carpet tile!

•The carpet tiles should be vacuumed to clean them of any loose dirt before they are removed. Only powerful industrial vacuum cleaners with a brush attachment should be used.

•We recommend in any case that you clean the entire carpet surface to avoid any visual differences later. If possible, stains should be removed immediately with a fresh, clean, white, slightly damp cotton cloth. A mild cleaning spray can be used for stronger stains.

•The carpet tiles must be dry before they are stacked flatly on top of each other with the edges aligned! The carpet tiles should then be stored either on pallets with a flat solid surface or on storage carts available from Tüchler. Max. load capacity approx. 500 kg, (equivalent to approx. 90 carpet tiles or 180 m²). Please observe the maximum carrying capacity of your floor! There is a risk that the weight of the loaded cart may damage the floor!

•When storing the carpet tiles, they should not be stacked any higher than 1.1 m. The carpet tiles should be stacked carefully with carpet surface to carpet surface and latex surface to latex surface.

•Due to the wide variety of applications and locations where the carpet tiles can be used, we do not assume any responsibility for, cleaning, storage and working conditions that are beyond our control and can not guarantee the installation results.

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