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Velour Improvement Spray VIS 2000, the unique product for the rapid elimination of pressure points, creases, wrinkles, glossy spots and marks on new and old cotton velours.
VIS 2000 also increases the colour saturation creating a uniform appearance within minutes even for badly wrinkled cotton velours.
VIS 2000 can be applied to new or used cotton velours.
VIS 2000 noticeably improves the crease recovery of cotton velours.
VIS 2000 has been tested on TÜCHLER cotton velours and does not affect the fire retardant properties when applied properly, even after multiple applications!

VIS 2000 is designed especially for use on new cotton velours. New velours from rolls often show storage-related creasing and other irregularities such as lighter or darker areas that are caused by the pile having not yet opened completely. In addition, wrinkles and creases are pressed into these new, still irregular velours through folding and the rigors of transportation. It can often take days or even several weeks until the velour has completely recovered and achieved its desired appearance.
VIS 2000 can dramatically shorten this period: Within 30 minutes you can already see a significant, often full restoration, of the expected colours and even surface of the velour curtain! At the latest, full recovery is achieved after 4 hours.

Spray VIS 2000 evenly in a fine mist on the pile side of the velour while it is hanging.
Spray VIS 2000 over the entire velour once in the horizontal direction and then immediately again in the vertical direction. Hold the sprayer at least 30 cm from the velour!
Be sure the moisture is distributed evenly.
WARNING: Under no circumstances should the velour be saturated with VIS 2000 to the point where it trickles or drips. This can impair the flame retardant properties. The velour should only be treated while hanging.
Wait for at least 30 minutes after applying VIS 2000. If some areas have not completely recovered, repeat the process again.
Then wait 4 to 8 hours.


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Warnings and Application notes

Please note when applying VIS 2000:
Be certain not to soak your cotton velour with VIS 2000 to the point that it trickles or drips. This can impair the flame retardant properties.
The velour should only be treated while hanging.
Let the velour dry well while it is still hanging. Folding or wrinkling the velour when it is damp or insufficiently dry will cause renewed strong wrinkling that may not be possible to remove again.
Only apply VIS 2000 to cotton velours! VIS 2000 is not suitable for polyester velours, Trevira CS or other types of materials.
When applying to flame retardant cotton velours from manufacturers other than TÜCHLER, test VIS 2000 on a sample piece of fabric first to ensure that the flame retardant properties are not impaired by the spray.
VIS 2000 does not affect the colour of your cotton velours but regularly leads to a deeper and thus richer colour. Test the spray on a separate piece of sample fabric before applying it to your cotton velour! Never treat only parts or sections of the curtain, but always treat the entire surface.
Please observe the expiration date for storage. If expired, the effect may be deteriorated and spotting may occur after the treatment that can not be readily removed.
If any separation or settling occurs in the spray before the expiration date, shake well before use.
Only use sprayers that ensure a fine and even spray. Large drops can cause spotting.
Be sure to observe the safety data sheet.

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