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The floor cloth with the unrivaled Gecko-Effect! The non-slip, but non-stick PVC-free coating provides perfect grip and flat position, even on inclined stages or under high rolling loads
Just lay it out - no need to stretch - all done! 

Textile floor cloth with pronounced basket weave structure made of cotton.Through double thread in warp and weft Kombi Perfekt provides the highest durability.On the underside, a non-slip yet non-sticky coating ensures perfect grip and flatness.Kombi Perfekt is easy to sew and can either be laid loose or stretched. Kombi Perfekt is delivered in rolls, or one of our workshops can sew it according to exact custom dimensions in accordance with your requirements.Use: On a traditional stage area and everywhere where you would like a warm, natural weave structure.

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As low as €70.92 €59.10
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant;EN 13501-1, Bfl-s1
  • FR_RU2
  • 100% cotton
  • width 200 cm
  • 700 g/m²
  • appr. 50lm rolls
Warnings and Application notes
Always use Kombi Perfekt with the coated side down against the underlay - this is the only way to make it non-slip!Risk of accident when using the coated underside as a useable area!Test the adhesion to underlay, especially on inclines - there is a risk of accident otherwise!

usage instructions and warnings for flame resistant cotton fabrics!

Unless expressly noted otherwise, cotton fabrics marked flame retardant (hardly flammable) are treated with a semi-permanent flame retardant. This means that as long as the material is not soaked or washed, the flame retardant characteristics will persist. Therefore, soaking or washing will cause the loss of fire retardant characteristics. Flame retardant characteristics can be maintained through professional dry cleaning without stain removing agents and a low proportion of water. It is mandatory to carry out tests after dry cleaning.

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