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Canvas style cotton weave with smooth surface.veil HorizonsDoor curtain gauzeProjection veilPanoramasthe large available breadths of up to 12m enable use without rear lighting, without showing ugly seams.
Characteristics:Looks like gauze (stronger)available in breadths up to 12mtransparent - not opaquetends to crease 
As low as €19.38 €16.15 Regular Price €29.94
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant; EN13501 B-s1-d0; EN13773 C1
  • flame-retardant according to GOST R 50810-95
  • 100% cotton
  • width 420 cm
  • 80 g/m²
  • appr. 60lm bales
Warnings and Application notes
Please note that cotton muslin is a very light weave and is easily damaged.Therefore, extra care must be taken when unpacking or unfolding the textile!Avoid sudden pulling.Don't drag over surfaces/edges, etc.Cotton is a natural product so tear resistance can vary from piece to piece.especially for "ecru" or "natural" colour deviations can occur from piece to piece.Never combine different breadths, even if they have the same nominal colour and weave. Every breadth is manufactured on our weaving looms - this can cause slight differences in weave structure and colour hues.

usage instructions and warnings for flame resistant cotton fabrics!

Unless expressly noted otherwise, cotton fabrics marked flame retardant (hardly flammable) are treated with a semi-permanent flame retardant. This means that as long as the material is not soaked or washed, the flame retardant characteristics will persist. Therefore, soaking or washing will cause the loss of fire retardant characteristics. Flame retardant characteristics can be maintained through professional dry cleaning without stain removing agents and a low proportion of water. It is mandatory to carry out tests after dry cleaning.

instructions and warnings for "sprinkler compatibility"!

The evaluation as being “sprinkler suitable” is carried out by Tüchler according to ÖTI [Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation] tests or derived from our company testing methods, which recreate VdS testing regulations, resulting in the conclusion that water distribution is not altered significantly, nor does it cause a significant delay in water passing through the materials.

Please note, for the use of materials under sprinkler systems:

•There are no known internationally recognised EN, DIN, ÖN or other norms regarding the evaluation of sprinkler suitability of these materials.

•The expert opinion of the ÖTI (Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation and accredited testing institute for EN fire testing) deems woven materials as sprinkler suitable if they display air dynamic resistance as well as water retention values close to zero.

• For Germany, the requirements from the insurance industry (VDS) can apply. These are not required for all game/performance venues or trade fairs and have no legal basis outside of Germany.

•Therefore, please enquire about local statutory regulations prior to use.

•Prior to use, please ask local authorities for approval.

•Complaints or claims for compensation, arising from the rejection of approval of any kind of materials marked “sprinkler suitable” by Tüchler shall be excluded.

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