Sewing shop

Sewing Shop

We at TÜCHLER® are especially proud of the long tradition of their sewing department. It was established long before any of the other departments and still represents an important part of our company to this day.

Without seams no curtain can rise – or The Devil Takes the Hindmost!
A rising curtain symbolises that all things are working in the time allotted to them, BUT: What if everything is ready – except for the curtain?
Textiles always signal the finishing touch, be it the wall hangings at a trade fair stand, your curtains at the windows of your home, or the big curtain of a theatre stage. First everything else is mounted and cleaned, while the curtains come last – and this renders them the most time-critical item! There is no room for error, no extra time for reorganising things, and you couldn’t have ordered them any earlier as you didn’t know the final measurements and colour schemes as yet.
To cut a long story short: We haven’t yet been “caught by the devil” – so we can be really proud of our master upholsterers and seamstresses!

Not only really quick – but also really good!
Apart from the fact that they work really fast and are also willing to sacrifice their sleep and weekends if necessary, in order to finish the work at hand in time, they are all masters of their respective trade. Our sewing department manufactures anything, from simple cloth with eyelets around the edges and window curtains, over star curtains with fibre optics, gathered curtains with ruching (smooth or cloud-like) and patchwork curtains, to special designs such as circles, polygons and decorative curtains with applications – anything your heart desires.

Welding shop for screens

High-Frequency Welding of Projection Screens

What you need is very fine seams!
At our High Frequency (HF) foil welding facilities, all projection films [link to projection films] made of non-rigid PVC with virtually invisible weld seams. These seams measure less than 1mm in width, they are almost level due to a special welding procedure, and, despite their fineness, extremely durable. Thus, when finished the single foil sheets seem to be welded together only along their edges. As the seams never overlap, and due to their fine quality, they are especially suited for transmitted light projection and highlighting in the theatre or at show events as they effectively prevent ugly welding bulges or cast shadows.

Any shape and size available!
We have produced foils of miniature proportions (0.5 x 0.5m) up to horizon foils of 23 x 20m and more, also circles, polygons, door cut-outs, waveforms – anything is possible. We possess a specially constructed HF machine for such custom-made designs.

Blow it up!
Our HF welder can do anything – from gastight bodies, displays, sculptures, balls of any shape and size, including welded-in things from the gimmick to the airplane – he is one of the (very) few true masters of his trade, and happy to fulfil even the most unusual of wishes.

Production of electric roller screens

Production of Electric Roller Screens

Any size from a width of 4m!
Our workshop specialises in the production of rolling projection screens for Rock ’n’ Roll events and presentations, from a width of 4 metres. Breadths between 6 and 15m are standard for us, while widths of up to 25 metres pose a challenge – which we are more than able to meet. We process any available type of projection foil. [Link to projection foil]

Speed Kills!
The usual “10cm/s lifting speed” is boring you stiff? How about a rate of 100 or 200cm/s?
Enormous projection screens that soundlessly appear out of nowhere are really something – our technicians fall back on a wide range of experiences, and a great professional knowledge, in order to be able to fulfil your requirements to a T.

Rock ’n’ Roll!
We manufacture rolling projection screens with steel or aluminium cages that are extremely robust and can be lifted in centre using a forklift.

Track manufacture

Production of curtain track systems and curtain tracks

How you benefit from our design and production of curtain track systems:
  • Choose from a large selection of proven curtain tracks.
  • Simply have us produce a custom solution for your specific needs.
  • Enjoy the outstanding value for your money our large production quantities provide.
Click here for Curtain Tracks.

Chain hoists assembly & Servicing

Chain hoists

We have these powerful chain hoists on stock for you:

Did you know that... an authorized CM-distributor we can perform the annual inspection of your chain hoists?

...we can have the most popular chain hoist models ready for delivery to you within just a few hours?

... you receive TÜCHLER control systems for all your chain hoists?

Lift It - & Winch production

This is how you benefit from our design and production of stage winches:

  • TÜV approved winches for small and medium-sized stages at affordable prices
  • Simply have us produce a custom solution for your specific needs.
  • plug & play thanks to the simple design for quick and easy installation
Click here for Lift-It PW series.

Production of stage platform elements

Production of portable Stages

For our podiums, we cut out profiles of high-quality aluminium for our highly qualified service technicians to assemble to stage platforms [link to stage podiums].

Flexible and quick!
As we manufacture these podiums and platforms in our own workshop, we are able to react quickly to any incoming commission and thus to also provide podiums of special dimensions. We aim to continually optimise our production and thus to ensure that the quality of our products always meets the same high standard.

Better safe than sorry!

We regularly carry out stress and endurance tests according to DIN and ÖNORM to ensure that the values of the TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) certificates are always observed.

Service is our success!

Unfortunately, our podiums are built for eternity! If there is anything that might suffer any wear and tear it is the slab, which may sustain scratches and become unsightly over the years. In very few cases one of the poles might get damaged. So far, we only had to change the poles of about twenty podiums– of the 20,000 sold in years of hard work and great effort.
So, if the worst actually comes to the worst, our workshop will carry out a part or complete service.


TÜCHLER offers quite a few special products for rent, such as:
  • Large electric roller screens
  • Parquet dance floors
  • Chain hoists with a very high lifting capacity (> 2t)

TÜCHLER rents these special products through partner companies that specialize in the rental of stage equipment.

Send us your request and we will gladly put you in touch with the rental company nearest you.

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