Chain Hoist TOPKAT 500_41_GUV V.17/18_PROS

Chain Hoist TOPKAT 500_41_GUV V.17/18_PROS

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Entertainment chain hoist for stationary and climbing operation.
No conversion necessary.

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  • Climbing mode: Carrying capacity = nominal load – own weight incl. chain
  • Included:      
    • Chain hoist motor including all the components for the specific model (provided they are model specific, for example: load measurement cells, sensors, double brake)
    • Working time for the assembly of all components. Mounting of chain bag, single chain, etc.
    • Working time for the wiring of all the plugs and sockets
    • !Not included in the price!:            
      • Chain
      • Chain bag
      • Bracket for the chain bag
      • Consignment
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€4,358.40 €3,632.00
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Technische Details:
  • GUV V.17/18 BASIC / formerly BGV-C1
  • to be operated with deticated LVC-controlls
  • rated load 500kg
  • design size TK2
  • rated speed at 50Hz = 4m/min
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