1. Football World Cup 2006 Germany: Opening Ceremony in Munich

    2006 FIFA World Cup - TÜCHLER lets the ladies fly.

    For a main event of the opening ceremony for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, artists wearing 20 kg costumes were to fly beneath the 52 m high open stadium roof of the Allianz Arena in... Learn More
  2. Gala Night of Sport

    Projection was the defining element at the Austrian TV show to elect Sportsperson of the Year 2006. A decision was made to provide a very special cover for the tiers: cambered sails made from more than 2500 m2 NEVE projection foil. The screens,... Learn More
  3. Champions League Final 2007 Athens

    We always have fun working for our customers, and sometimes we have a ball... Even though the tension is plain to see in the faces of everyone involved in major events such as the opening celebrations for the UEFA Champions League Final, it is... Learn More

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  4. Eventmarketing in Salzburg

    The venue floor was covered with 750 m2 of white, high-gloss for a party held by a Salzburg company. The glossy techno-look emanating from the floor to the environment and the moods created by light reflecting off the floor are clearly visible in... Learn More

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  5. Seven One Media

    Seven One Media is the media event with textiles from TÜCHLER. The combination of light grey stage molton and voile CS exudes an extremely cool flair, creating a spellbinding effect with atmospheric lighting.


    Molton, Voile CS Learn More

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