1. The regional Center for Business Tourism - Wrocław

    How do you make four multipurpose halls out of a large glass box? With TÜCHLER curtain technology!

    The structural and architectural conditions sometimes require sophisticated solutions in order to make a building as versatile as... Learn More

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  2. Culture Centre Wals Siezenheim

    Culture centre trusts in TÜCHLER stage equipment.

    TÜCHLER was contracted with a variety of solutions for the renovation of the Bachschmiede in the municipality of Wals-Siezenheim.

    For one, the motorized track system 15.710... Learn More

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  3. VAZ Krieglach

    Professional event technology for municipal event centre.

    The newly built event centre is the largest and most modern in the region. It offers space for a total of approximately 2,000 visitors. The two different sized halls are equipped... Learn More

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  4. Johann Puch Saal - Zehnerhaus Bad Radkersburg

    A black box in ZEHNERHAUS - created by TÜCHLER.

    The Johann Puch Hall, designed as a black box, offers seating for up to 230 people. TÜCHLER equipped the hall not only with the noble stage velour MIDNIGHT which stands out with its short,... Learn More
  5. Europark Salzburg

    The multifunctional function room can be used eighter as Stage for Theatre, Music, Lectures, Seminars as well as Movie-Cinema. Therefore it was installed an Electric Roller "Superflat", Stage Platforms Handy and Electric Akustik Rollers, which... Learn More

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    Municipal-Hall, Bruck an der Mur

    • Tubular hoist;
    • electric curtain track system;
    • electric gathering curtain, rotatable wings;
    • substructure of the rotatable wings;
    • portal truss construction, triangle trussing, sound... Learn More

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  7. House of Culture Brno-Bosonohy

    Stage equipment


    main curtain made of Stagevelour Bach; rope drive with curtain track "Mini"; cyclorama made of Stagemolton black. Learn More
  8. House of Culture, Pleiburg

    Scope of delivery:

    • Steel constructions for stage bridge & towers
    • curtains tracks
    • electric screen
    • fly bars
    • winches
    • acoustic panels moveable in track system
    • lights... Learn More

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  9. Municipal-Hall, Lannach


    • Fly bars;
    • elevating stage;
    • main curtain;
    • side curtains;
    • backdrops;
    • curtains for the seminar room;
    • speaker covers;
    • electric roller screen;
    • ... Learn More

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  10. Municipal-Hall, Frohnleiten


    • Main curtain;
    • backdrops;
    • side curtains;
    • blackout curtains,
    • electric track system,
    • BGV-C1 compliant chain hoists;
    • 4-way control system;
    • steel... Learn More

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  11. House of Culture, Ceska Lipa

    Scope of delivery:
    • portable stage  made from stage platforms elements HANDY
    • main curtain
    • backdrop
    • side maskings
    Learn More

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