Magnetic force

Holds safely and triggers reliably. The load is held reliably by magnetic force. In contrast to systems that were previously used, a buffer battery is used instead of a mechanical interlock to prevent the load from being accidentally thrown off, so that the load remains firmly in place even in the event of a power failure.

Kabuki-Abwurfsystem KABUKLIP Klammer geöffnet

Attachment without eyelets or hooks

With KABUKLIP you can safely forget eyelets, hooks, Velcro strips and the like for most curtain applications. The clamping force of the KABUKLIP release units is so great that depending on the material there is a payload of up to 15kg per release unit. One unit alone can carry around 50m2 of stage molton, for example.


M12 thread

Integrated M12 thread on the top and back for attaching standard half couplers or pipe hooks.


Speakon connector up to IP 54

Speakon plugs ensure a safe and quick connection of the KABUKLIP ejector units. Depending on the KABUKLIP version chosen, these are either IP23 as standard or IP54 for the splash-proof open-air version KABUKLIP-OA.

High-quality and environmentally friendly halogen-free oil flex cables are used as cables.


KabuKlip control: simple + reliable

  • 1 control unit opens up to 25 KabuKlips at the same time
  • 2-step triggering process prevents accidental dropping
  • Freely adjustable as master / slave
  • Linkable as often as you like
  • DMX addressable
  • Optionally available: Single release for eg wave, oblique ejection effect




  • Power 160W / 230V
  • connection
    • DMX connection IN / OUT
    • Schuko plug - CEE 7/4
    • SpeakOn - 4-pole connection socket
  • Dimensions 260mm x 160mm x 95mm
  • Weight 3.1kg
  • Degree of protection IP 32
  • Duty cycle ED = 100% (continuous operation)
  • Maximum permitted number of ejection units per control 25

Discharge unit

  • Material aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions 160mm x 65mm x 70mm
  • Connection 2 x SpeakOn 4-pin connection socket
  • Weight approx.1.5kg with pipe hook
  • Power 6.5W 24V
  • Duty cycle ED = 100% (continuous operation)
  • Degree of protection
    • Type KabuKlip IP 23
    • Type KabuKlip OA IP 54