Technical details

  • 24
  • width 5 cm
  • 50lm rolls
  • block pricing valid for full PU only.
Please note the warnings!


Standard double sided adhesive tape for universal use.
excl. incl. 20% vat
PKG mit 24 Stk. pro Stk. from €10.85 €13.02
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PKG = 24 RL
excl. incl. 20% vat excl. incl. 20% vat
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from 5 RL - - €14.75 / RL €17.70/ RL
from 10 RL - - €12.85 / RL €15.42/ RL
from 1 PKG €260.35 €312.42 €10.85 / RL €13.02/ RL
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excl. incl. 20% vat
PKG mit 24 Stk. pro Stk. from €10.85 €13.02
excl. Shipping Cost


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Standard double sided adhesive tape for universal use.



Please note that the underside of stage and trade fair carpets is covered in flame retardant, which reduces liability. Double sided adhesive tape Standard is not suitable for trade fair carpets, for example the 4EXPO trade carpet range (all types) - please use the double sided adhesive tape 4EXPO POWER.

General instructions and warnings for adhesive tapes
Version: 01 January 2014

  • Please note that the ratings are based on comparisons with other products within our product range. 
  • Please note that all adhesive tapes, even those with the best rating, can leave behind adhesive residue, dependent on the surface, pressure, mechanical stress and duration of use. 
  • Please note that adhesive tapes age in storage (>1-2 years) dependent on the temperature, causing their characteristics, especially in terms of adhesiveness and residue behaviour, to change.
  • Please note that natural stone floors in particular, often absorb chemical components in the glue, which can cause dark stripes on the stone which cannot be removed or take a long time to fade. 
  • Always remove all the adhesive tapes by pulling steadily. Sudden tearing off the adhesive tape leads to increased adhesive residue and favours damage to the underlay as pieces of material may become detached. Please pay special attention to varnished and laminated wooden flooring, as well as sensitive surfaces.
  • Prior to application, always test the product: 
    • on the individual underlays
    • according to the planned duration of use of an adhesive
    • under the planned mechanical load
    • under the planned mechanical pressure
  • Adhesive residue and other results due to the typical characteristics of adhesive type are non-refundable. In any case, damage claims are also excluded. 



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DOUBLE SIDED TAPE STANDARD. Standard double sided adhesive tape for universal use.

  • Price: €13.02 - In stock

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