KN95 Respirator

KN95 Respirator

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High-quality anti-virus mask in KN95 [e.g. FFP 2] in disposable quality.

  • 95% of viruses are filtered.
  • Robust elastic bands for a secure fit
  • Nonwoven quality without valves for optimal protection of the environment and other people
  • very good fit

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Technische Details:
Warnings and Application notes

The right way to wear a surgical face mask
The first step is examining the mask. If it is damaged, throw it away.

If the mask looks okay, pull the loop around the ears, expand the mask over the nose and chin and make sure it has a snug fit. Do not touch the surface of the mask when putting it on, while wearing it, or when taking it off.
Replace the mask if it is soiled with bodily fluids, either on the inside (by the wearer) or outside (through public exposure). But in general, surgical masks are single use items and should never be recycled or reused. Remove the mask only by touching the ear loops to avoid cross-contaminating fingers.

Wrap and dispose of mask properly, and wash your hands.

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