Drape & gathering curtain systems

Drape system RZ1


  • Decorative curtain
  • Large format blackout or shade system
  • Fire or smoke curtain
  • Projection or hall divider curtain...

TUCHLER drape systems are used in all kinds of public buildings as well as event venues and halls. Designed especially for tours or rock'n'roll, TÜCHLER drape systems are constructed from robust, lightweight aluminium and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

How it works

TUCHLER drape systems consist of a self-supporting base structure made of either aluminium or steel that integrates all the components such as drive shaft, reels, cables, drive motor and mounting attachment for the curtain.




The high-tensile steel cables roll smoothly and quietly on the reels. The reel distance is variable and can be adapted to suit the width of the material.

Control system

Optional control systems enable the precise, time-controlled movement as well as acceleration and decelerations of the curtain.
Curtain openings

Non-linear curtain openings are also possible, for instance with a curved lower edge or "Italian opening".

TUCHLER drape systems are available in compliance with either German standard BGV-C1 or SIL3.

Curtains and drapes

Almost every type of material, foil or tarpaulin can be used as a drape. The drapes are manufactured in the TUCHLER workshop as either flat or folded drapes, depending on the material properties, and precisely adjusted to fit the drape system. Double-sided drapes are also possible. This is particularly interesting for partition drapes as they keep the cables and guide lugs hidden from view on both sides.


TUCHLER drape systems are

  • Compact 
  • Quickly assembled on site thanks to the pre-assembled parts 
  • Very quiet 
  • Suitable for both permanent and mobile installations 
  • Modular and can be expanded for mobile use upon request 
  • Also available in cylindrical or polygonal designs 
  • Fireproof thanks to the use of steel cables 
  • Precisely adjusted to the requirements such as curtain type, curtain height, winch speed, local regulations, shape, controls, etc..

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