Rope winches

Lift IT Range

Tech Specs

  • Hoisting height: 12 m, other optional hoisting heights available
  • Hoist speed: approx. 20 cm/s
  • Weight without cable: approx. 138 kg
  • Cable weight cable 6 mm, 4 x 30 m: 12 kg
  • Control system weight: 7 kg

Power requirements

  • Motor output: 1.1 kW
  • Nominal voltage: 3 x 400V/50 Hz
  • Nominal current: 4.1A
  • On-time: S3-60%
  • Protection class: IP54
Lift It PW BGV-C1...
  • ... is ideal for small to medium-sized stages in theatres, multipurpose halls, community centres, school theatres, congress and conference centres, etc. Its outstanding features include a compact design, precise cable winding and compliance with BGV-C1 standards.
  • ... Provides a greater value for the money than ever before for BGV-C1 standard cable fly bar systems. The Lift It PW ensures compliance with stage and performance centre safety standards, even with a small budget.
  • ... is ideal for lifting various fly bars, lighting battens, chandeliers, flag staffs, rigs, etc.
  • ... ensures that you fully comply with safety standards using state-of-the-art technology on stages and in performance centres while catering to your budget.
  • ... is designed as a plug and play unit. In addition to a load-bearing wall or floor structure, all you need to prepare and install the unit is a 16A power connection and to install the control cable included within the scope of delivery. Further connection work by a licenced electrician is not required.
  • ... is simply connected to a power outlet and the control line with the control unit included in the scope of delivery. The integrated rotation direction monitor prevents a phase reversal from starting the motor, thus providing an additional safety factor. In the event of a phase reversal in the building's electrical system, a suitably competent person can use a flat screwdriver on the phase inverter in the 16A socket to fix the problem.
Details Lift It PW BGV-C1
Control panel with up, down and stop functions, emergency shut off and control LEDs for overload, underload and emergency limit switching and operational status.

If the supplied phase monitor switches off, switching to operational mode can be done by turning the phase inverter in the CCE socket.

Precise and surface coated pulley wheels ensure the hoisting cable runs quietly. The standard model Lift It PW BGV-C1 can be purchased with 1 to 5 cables as required.

Cam limit switch, emergency limit switch, optional limit switch. 



Strandard model Lift It PW BGV-C1 without optional cover. 


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