ZOOM 1200 stage platforms

Stage platform ZOOM 1200

simple operation by just one person, continuous height adjustment

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  • Are you tired of all the work it takes to install and store stage platforms?

  • Are permanent hydraulic stage platforms just not high enough for you and is operating the boundary elements too difficult?

  • Do you wish your stage or grandstand was continuously height adjustable?

  • Does a tight budget make electric stage lifts impossible?

Then ZOOM 1200 is perfect for you!

Operation by a single person
Rapid height adjustment
Operation without a control unit ensures ..
... affordable price
... permanently cost-saving use

TÜV - approved
Installation depth of only 26 cm with 120 cm of travel



Drehmomentstütze & Sicherheitsrutschkupplung
The compact snap-on drive unit is simply connected to the platform. The torque support reliably engages already before drive operation and thus protects the user from rotation. The safety friction clutch prevents any overloading and also provides a safe stop at the end positions.
Connector for optimal fit
For platforms set at the same height, the optional connectors provide increased lateral and shearing force absorption during dynamic horizontal load. In addition, gaps and levelling are especially improved when raised to higher heights.
Receptacles for safety railings

Allen or hex bolts can be used to secure the safety railings in place so they can not be lifted out of the receptacles. They are already able to bear the full carrying capacity as soon as they are inserted.

Robust receptacles on the Zoom 1200 platform ensure easy insertion and a secure fit of the safety railings. When safety railings are not being used, the receptacles are covered by elegant caps that are spring tensioned to prevent any noise from vibrations.

Unique stability already within the first few millimetres
ZOOM 1200 provides unique stability for a scissor platform, even after being raised just the first few millimetres. This incredible stability is ensured by two auxiliary folding supports which carry the load from the zero level and do not transfer it to the main folding support until after 34 cm of travel.
Technical Specifications
Area, carrying capacity
  • 2000 x 1000, 750 kg/m2
  • 3000 x 1000, 750 kg/m2
  • 2000 x 2000, 500 kg/m2

Dynamic carrying capacity : 130 kg

  • Gap 5 mm ~+- 3 mm
  • Height, lowered 260 mm
  • Height, fully raised 1460 mm
  • Available lift 1200 mm
  • Adjustment time 32 seconds at 1200 rpm
  • Net weight 277 kg

Safety railing

  • Dimensions: 1000 mm x 1100 mm
  • Load absorption: 150 kg/rm
  • Weight: 13 kg


  • Static EN 13814, ÖNORM B4600
  • Flame retardance DIN 4102 B1 (optional), REI 30 (optional)


  • Minimum installation depth 260 mm
  • Tolerance substructure 0 to -8 mm

Drive unit

  • 220/240 V
  • Recommended torque: >75 Nm
  • Recommended speed: See adjustment time

Drive details

  • Scissor platform with self-locking spindle drive via a toothed belt.
  • Empty revolving safety nut.
  • Inspection window for easy wear test of the drive nut

Standard features

  • Surface: phenolic resin coated plywood panel
  • Steel parts: black powder-coated

Optional equipment

  • Receptacles for safety railings
  • Safety railing with child-safety rails
  • Fabric, wood or metal covers
  • Platform surface to order
  • Special paint
  • Flame retardant versions up to REI 30, DIN4102

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