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for the dropping of fabrics and curtains for outdoor use (IP54).
KabuKlip - the unique Kabuki curtain drop system in splash-proof design for outdoor use.
The KabuKlip release unit holds curtains, fabrics or films without eyelets or any edge processing either by pure terminals or positive connection.
The application without metal inserts such as eyelets, rings or hooks leads to a natural and light dropping of the Kabuki curtains. In addition, possible injury scenarios are eliminated.
The release eyelet is used for the release of heavy materials.
The KabuKlip release units always open reliably at exactly the right point in time.
Mechanical jamming is excluded by design!

Scope of delivery:
KabuKlip carrier unit with two integrated M12 threads for attachment of standard halfcouplers or hook clamps
M12 hexagon socket head cap screw with snap ring and shim
Steel safety 3mm
Inboard, separately switchable operating LED.

Connection: 220V/240V
Operating mode: 24V-DC
Duty cycle:  100%
Protection:  IP 54
Internal connections:  4-Pin Speakon _1.5mm

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Ready to ship:
Observe the warnings!

Technische Details:
Warnings and Application notes

Please note that

  • the carrying capacity can be limited in a given case by the suspension used.
  • the functional reliability can only be guaranteed when using proper 4x1.5mm² cables - cables with smaller diameter can overheat!
  • dropped loads can cause injuries to people.
  • dropped loads can cause damage to objects.
  • the release unit is secured against unauthorised activation.
  • the drop zone must be secured at all times, especially during the assembly and mounting of the load.

TÜCHLER is not liable for damages due to falling objects, whether intentional or unintentional or due to a malfunction.

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