1. Centrum Kultury Zamek

    TÜCHLER is also a reliable and innovative partner for renovations.

    The fifth largest city in Poland is one of the cultural centres of the country and currently a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2016. The “Centrum Kultury Zamek” is one of the most important cultural objects in Poznan and is located in the old seat of Emperor William II.

    The renovation of the main hall, which was carried out over a period of six months, of course also required the complete installation of all the stage technology. In addition to the main hall, two more halls were remodelled: the “Sala Marmurowa” was converted into a cinema, and the “Nova Scena” was turned into a new stage.

    TÜCHLER planned, manufactured and installed the technical stage equipment for all three halls. From the tried and true, like the LIFT IT hoist, to the innovative, like the tubular hoist with precise running sides, the entire know-how of the Viennese company was put into this major project.

    Scope of Service:

    •Custom Design


    •18x LIFT IT PW 300
    •12x RW Shift 500 tubular hoists
    •36x spring cable reels
    •8x TOPKAT chain hoists
    •1x RZ 1 drape system
    •1x T-Roll electric roller screen, 12 m x 6 m
    •14x acoustic blinds, 3 m to 6 m wide
    •36x acoustic curtain MAHLER (electric)
    •1x main curtain and backdrop LEHAR
    •1x cinema screen WHITE STAR Plain
    •2x TT1 track with electric drive
    •Full control system with 2 touch panels


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